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TyreToTravel is the platform for searching, making and sharing routes.
And Tyre is the program that integrates Google Earth / Maps with Tom Tom or Garmin.
Join us! Because life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey.
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MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

Terms and Conditions

Terms of use

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before using this website. By accessing, using or downloading any materials from this web site, you agree to follow and be bound by the following terms and conditions and all revisions thereof. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please revisit this page from time to time.

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TyreToTravel grants you permission to display, download and copy the materials and information on this web site provided that:

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To access certain features at this web site, you might first have to complete a registration form to get a username and password that will give you access to these features. You may not share or transfer your username or password with other parties.

If you  integrate certain parts or functions of the website in another website, after  having receiving the code and permission of TyreToTravel, you may not in any way delete or hide the existing copyrights and links or backlinks to TyreToTravel, , nor change or block the information shown, including ads that could possibly be included  in  what TyreToTravel delivers.

For some functions on the website, TyreToTravel acts as a third party in introducing users to each other and cannot verify the identity of these users. You should always ensure that you use common sense and good judgment in your dealings with other users of the web site.

Privacy and copyright issues

Your personal information will only be used for internal purposes and not shared with third parties. Your user-name will be used as reference to your activities or information on the website.  Under no circumstances you’re your  e-mail address be distributed or shared publicly.

Routes, information or any materials that you create, add or post on this site are considered to fall under the license of TyreToTravel.  Information that is not meant or suitable to fall under this license is supposed  not to be published. For use of the information on this site, other than personal use and  other than use under the conditions of  TyreToTravel , a written  agreement should be obtained from TyreToTravel  by contacting us.

If you see any copyright violation on this site, by us or any other user, please inform us so we can take the necessary actions to solve the issue. As a community-user of this site, you are yourself responsible to provide the correct and required reference of sources as required by their copyright license, but also verify and avoid producing any illegal copyrighted information.

TyreToTravel has the right to remove temporarily or permanently any information of which the copyright is doubtful or violated.

Terms and conditions

The operation of Tyre is dependent on the functionality of Google. Therefore we can not take responsibility for any consequences for the functioning of Tyre that are caused by changes at Google.

The services are provided “as is”. TyreToTravel gives no other representations, terms, conditions or warranties of any kind, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, regarding the services on this website, documentation and services, and TyreToTravel specifically disclaims any implied warranties and/or terms of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose.

TyreToTravel does not warrant that the use of the services will meet the customer’s data processing requirements or that the operation of the web site will be uninterrupted or error free, TyreToTravel makes no representations regarding data in terms of their correctness, accuracy, reliability or otherwise.

The Tyre software is made available for free. In the Tyre-Plus and Tyre-Professional version, you pay only for not showing ads and / or additional options. TyreToTravel is responsible only for not displaying advertisements in the Tyre-Plus and Tyre-Professional versions. The additional options of the Tyre-Professional version are explained in the product description.

What does ‘Lifetime licence’ mean?

Free – this means that there will be no further costs involved in updating the software on your usb-stick or download version. All updates will be provided free of charge.

Lifetime – this is the useful life of the usb-stick, so means the period of time that Tyre continues to support your usb-stick with software updates and services. A usb-stick will have reached the end of its life when none of these are available any more. The useful life of the download version means the period of time that Tyre continues to support the download version with updates.


TyreTotravel covers all physical products a warranty of at least one year.

Money-back guarantee

Only valid for the download versions of Tyre Plus and Tyre Professional
If the client indicates that the program fails to meet his needs within 14 days after purchase, a refund of the purchase price is possible. TyreToTravel repays the full purchase price within 14 days to account of the client.

This User Agreement is governed by Dutch law and any disputes can only be settled under the jurisdiction of the Dutch courts.