MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

MyRoute-app is now available! For free!


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  • We advise MyRoute-app!
  • Create touristic routes
  • POI Management
  • One year license

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Product Description

Important announcement

We strongly advise you to use MyRoute-app.

Before you order and download

  • The program Tyre-Basic is and remains free
  • For Tyre-Plus you pay for the omission of the pop-up ads that are included in Tyre-Basic
  • For Tyre-Professional you pay for the omission of the ads and for some interesting extra features
  • For all versions, MS Internet Explorer should be installed on your computer. Even if you do not use this browser we recommend you install the latest version and keep it up-to-date,because Tyre uses some of its functions
  • Do you have a Mac computer (or another system without Windows), click here for more information


  • Make unique routes in Tyre
  • Convert route files
  • Copy routes to e.g. TomTom, Garmin and Interphone
  • Copy routes to Smartphone (only for smartphones with a TomTom app)
  • Search, find and book hotels
  • Drag & Dop window
  • 1,000+ ready-to-use GPS routes
  • Advertisements do not show
  • Support
  • One year license
  • Route optimisation
  • Create touristic routes
  • POI Management
  • POI-Reasonably priced petrol stations in The Netherlands
  • POI-Petrol stations general
  • POI-Motorcycle friendly hotels
  • POI-Motorcycle friendly restaurants in The Netherlands
  • POI-Must-sees in The Netherlands
  • POI-Alpine passes
  • Advanced file spitting
  • Advanced file expansion
  • Send routes to your iPhone (only for iPhones with Navigon software
  • Add your own sounds to waypoints (TIM)
  • Offroad mode
  • Copy Garmin .gpx routes to TomTom as fully identical route tracks
  • Automatically place waypoints precisely on roads