MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

Tyre Plus lifetime

€29.00 €19.00

  • 25% discount on MyRoute-app
  • Advertisements do not show
  • Drag & Drop window
  • Lifetime license

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Product Description

Before you order and download

  • The program Tyre-Basic is and remains free
  • For Tyre-Plus you pay for the omission of the pop-up ads that are included in Tyre-Basic
  • For Tyre-Professional you pay for the omission of the ads and for some interesting extra features
  • For all versions, MS Internet Explorer┬ámust be installed on your computer. Even if you do not use this browser we recommend you install the latest version and keep it up-to-date,because Tyre uses some of its functions
  • For copying routes to your TomTom Rider (model 400 or up), Java must be installed on your computer
  • Do you have a Mac computer (or another system without Windows), click here for more information


  • Make unique routes in Tyre
  • Convert route files
  • Copy routes to e.g. TomTom, Garmin and Interphone
  • Search, find and book hotels
  • Drag & Dop window
  • 1,000+ ready-to-use GPS routes
  • Advertisements do not show
  • Support
  • Lifetime license