Tyre stops with Google Maps!

Many route planners will discontinue! Many current route planners that are based on Google Maps have been discontinued or will soon be discontinued. This is because from 11 June Google Maps will no longer function without the API key and an API key just costs to far much money. Tyre will keep on going, but […]


Due to a problem on the Google server, Tyre is currently not able to calculate any routes. This happened before, and we hope that this problem will be solved quickly. Unfortunately, other errors come with this problem, such as errors in creating waypoints. Via www.myrouteapp.com, you have a good alternative to making routes and exporting […]

Error in Tyre! (RESOLVED!)

There is an error in Tyre. The program developer, Jan Boersma, will do everything to restore it ASAP.

Switching from Tyre to MyRoute app with a discount!

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Tyre keeps on existing and being up-to-date!

But we didn’t start a new company for no reason and we didn’t create a new route platform for no reason. >>Click here for our newsletter<<

The successor of Tyre!

MyRoute-app is simply good. >>Click here for the newsletter<<

Tyre of MyRoute-app?

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Loading a map in Tyre

Loading a map used to be very slow in Tyre, but also in Firefox and IE. It appeared that it had something to do with the Firewall Settings in the AVAST Antivirus Program. In this setting I have added the Google Maps URL (https://maps.google.co.uk)  as exclusion. And now loading maps is much quicker in Tyre, […]

Good news for people who own a TomTom Rider 40 / 400!

There is an update from TomTom available, which makes using Routes, POI and favorites a lot easier. If you want to use the possibilities that come with this update, follow these steps: Update your Rider 40 / 400 using MyDrive. Update Tyre to the most recent version (using the ‘Help’ menu). If Java is not […]

There are some problems with Google Maps currently

There are some problems with Google Maps currently. What is happening is when you drop a route into Tyre the map does not automatically zoom in. Also the zoom in function on the waypoint information box does not work. However the zoom in on the + and – buttons on the left of the map […]