MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

MyRoute-app is now available! For free!

Tyre stops with Google Maps!

Many route planners will discontinue!
Many current route planners that are based on Google Maps have been discontinued or will soon be discontinued. This is because from 11 June Google Maps will no longer function without the API key and an API key just costs to far much money. Tyre will keep on going, but without Google Maps, the Tyre programmer is currently working day and night to implement a different map service.

MyRoute-app will continue!
For MyRoute-app this does not pose as a problem, since right from the beginning we have had a professional and legal Google Maps API key. This in combination with the official map services of TomTom and Here (Garmin) as well as including map layers of OpenStreetMap, Michelin and Street view, makes it a pleasure to plan and share your travels with MyRoute-app.

Receive a temporary 30% discount on MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime
We will soon be discontinuing the MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime offer and will then switch to annual subscriptions. This is to ensure that we still exist in 50 years time and will continue to innovate. To give all our loyal Tyre and MyRoute-app Basic users the opportunity to switch to MyRoute-app Gold Lifetime, we have included a enticing temporary 30% discount!

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